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Certified Blockchain Security Professional certification

After studying blockchain for a while, I decided to apply for the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA) Certified Blockchain Security Professional Certification, CBSP for short. The exam covers the basics of blockchain consensus algorithms, advanced blockchain security mechanisms (permissioned blockchains, checkpointing, multisignatures, ring signatures, stealth transactions, confidential transactions, zero-knowledge proofs and Pedersen commitments), network-level attacks (51%…
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CEH certificate 2023 renewal

Certified Ethical Hacker v9 recertification

After finishing 141 ECE credits (tools, conferences, papers, vulnerabilities reported), I just got recertified… until 2023 still a Certified Ethical Hacker 😊

OSCP certification 2018

Checkmate! OSCP certification passed

I have to admit that doesn’t matter how much experience you have with penetration testing, the exam is challenging because the attack surface is big: 65535 ports x 2 protocols x 4 machines = 524,280 ports. In the fifth machine, you know beforehand which is the vulnerable port and you just have to develop a…
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CEH Certificate 2017

Certified Ethical Hacker v9 certification

The proctored exam is multi-option based, as the material is kinda outdated with many obsolete software and some questions get tricky. The most effective method to study the exam was train with Skillset practice questions: