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How to intercept HTTPS with Proxydroid

If you are interested in getting all traffic related to an specific app and you have a rooted phone, ProxyDroid is a good option: Once installed in your phone. First thing before enabling the “Proxy Switch”, you have to point Proxydroid to the machine where you have BurpSuite running listening in the Wifi interface.…
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Alternatives to for Out-of-band resource load

Sometimes when we are performing a pentest or bug bounties we need an external site to verify some blind injections or exfiltrate data. This is known as Out-of-Band or just OOB. Also in some of the newest vulnerabilities found, such as log4j, also needed a OOB DNS resource to validate if a machine could be…
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Learn Blockchain Security for free Android app

🏆 If you want to learn about blockchain security, give a try to Learn Blockchain Security Android app! You can learn about blockchain attacks, smart contracts vulnerabilities and general blockchain concepts. Download it here: Also check the most common vulnerabilities on Smart Contracts:

Google Play Store

How to search Android apps in other countries

Imagine that you are looking for pentest apps in the Google Play Store, that’s the URL you got: By default, Google only shows you apps that are available in your region. But it might be the case that you are interested to look for android apps in a particular region. For that, just add…
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xp_cmdshell reverse shell

🔝 How to get a xp_cmdshell reverse shell

In a pentesting engagement, if you got the credentials of the MS SQL SERVER you can easily execute any command on the database server with nmap NSE script, ms-sql-xp-cmdshell: You have to substitute the following parameters of the above command: mssql.username mssql.password ms-sql-xp-cmdshell.cmd If you want to execute a reverse shell to connect back to…
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Cybersecurity Android Apps

Android APK security analyzer

There are several security analyzers for Android apps. Mainly there are two categories, you can analyze a running app directly on the mobile phone or an emulator, this is called dynamic analysis. Or, you can retrieve the APK from the Play Store or directly from the phone and analyze it independently, this is called static…
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PentestWiki Quiz

🔝 Learn Penetration Testing for free Android app

🏆 Just published my first Android app to learn ethical hacking! PentestWiki Quiz (Still beta! Not finished yet but a good sample questions. Have a look and let me know!)

Scientific Notation bug bypass AWS WAF protection

AWS WAF and mod_security Apache module were affected by a scientific notation bug discovered back in 2013 that allowed to bypass the WAF to successfully exploit a SQL injection vulnerability. Find below the payload used for the attack showing the scientific notation: Executing the following command it was possible to bypass the WAF SQL injection…
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🔝 How to use Nuclei for vulnerability scanning

Nuclei is a tool developed by Project Discovery team, as they say it is a Fast and customizable vulnerability scanner based on simple YAML based DSL. It is similar to Nmap NSE script engine but much more easy to develop as only uses YAML files. First of all, in order to install nuclei you need…
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How to scan a host with RustScan

When performing a penetration test, one of the most crucial parts is scanning and enumeration. Because if you lose any important port at this stage, you are letting go a juicy part of the attack vector to compromise the machine. Nmap is the standard-de-facto for port scanning, however it’s great to know that there are…
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