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How to hijack Android OS calls with Frida

LEVEL: ADVANCED When we are performing a pentest on an Android app, sometimes is useful to get the parameters that the application is sending through a function or even hijack some specific function to return other values. Let’s see in this article how we can intercept and even hijack any method from a given Android…
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Web3 Security Cheat Sheet

Solidity Attacks var misuse tx.origin vs. msg.sender send() vs. transfer() DOS in for/while if user can control mapping length variables scope in inheritance: public vs. internal unfiltered variables integer overflows selfdestruct Inheritance methods override proxy constructors hijacking: initialize() or init() DELEGATECALL transferOwnership() exploitation fallback function() {} DeFi Attacks Amount encoding: 0xFFF, 1e-100 change source address in JS object with browser debugger XSS in localStorage / sessionStorage Lack of Access…
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Cybersecurity Android Apps

How to reverse engineer any Android game using Unity

LEVEL: ADVANCED Download (Unity il2cpp reverse engineer) Now open package_re\DummyDll\Assembly-CSharp.dll with DnSpy. Also you can use the following Frida wrapper to save time:

How to compile a Solidity Smart Contract with solc-js

You can easily install solc-js from npm official package repository: It will install solc-js under /usr/local/bin/solcjs -> ../lib/node_modules/solc/solc.js Basic syntax to compile a smart contract written in Solidity: If you use external contracts, imports or OpenZeppelin:

How to install solc in Linux

To install the latest version, the best option is to compile directly from the official Github repository: There are two requirements prior to build solc, we need to install cmake and the development libraries of Boost: After that, we can clone the solidity repository, as shown below: Finally, we can run a script to…
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How to intercept HTTPS with Proxydroid

If you are interested in getting all traffic related to an specific app and you have a rooted phone, ProxyDroid is a good option: Once installed in your phone. First thing before enabling the “Proxy Switch”, you have to point Proxydroid to the machine where you have BurpSuite running listening in the Wifi interface.…
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₿ Blockchain & DeFi Cyberattacks Review

Index of cyberattacks (from recent to oldest): 💣 OLA $3.6 Million hack (2022) 💣 INV $15.6 Million price manipulation through keep3r oracle (2022) 💣 BAYC Discord compromise and phishing (2022) 💣 Ronin $625 Million hack (2022) 💣 Wormhole Qbridge $324 Million hack (2022) 💣 Poly Network Access Control $610 Million hack (2021) 💣 PancakeSwap Lottery…
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Alternatives to for Out-of-band resource load

Sometimes when we are performing a pentest or bug bounties we need an external site to verify some blind injections or exfiltrate data. This is known as Out-of-Band or just OOB. Also in some of the newest vulnerabilities found, such as log4j, also needed a OOB DNS resource to validate if a machine could be…
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Learn Blockchain Security for free Android app

🏆 If you want to learn about blockchain security, give a try to Learn Blockchain Security Android app! You can learn about blockchain attacks, smart contracts vulnerabilities and general blockchain concepts. Download it here: Also check the most common vulnerabilities on Smart Contracts:

Google Play Store

How to search Android apps in other countries

Imagine that you are looking for pentest apps in the Google Play Store, that’s the URL you got: By default, Google only shows you apps that are available in your region. But it might be the case that you are interested to look for android apps in a particular region. For that, just add…
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