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How to compile a Solidity Smart Contract with solc-js

You can easily install solc-js from npm official package repository: It will install solc-js under /usr/local/bin/solcjs -> ../lib/node_modules/solc/solc.js Basic syntax to compile a smart contract written in Solidity: If you use external contracts, imports or OpenZeppelin:

How to install solc in Linux

To install the latest version, the best option is to compile directly from the official Github repository: There are two requirements prior to build solc, we need to install cmake and the development libraries of Boost: After that, we can clone the solidity repository, as shown below: Finally, we can run a script to…
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How to intercept HTTPS with Proxydroid

If you are interested in getting all traffic related to an specific app and you have a rooted phone, ProxyDroid is a good option: Once installed in your phone. First thing before enabling the “Proxy Switch”, you have to point Proxydroid to the machine where you have BurpSuite running listening in the Wifi interface.…
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₿ Blockchain & DeFi Cyberattacks Review

Index of cyberattacks (from recent to oldest): 💣 OLA $3.6 Million hack (2022) 💣 INV $15.6 Million price manipulation through keep3r oracle (2022) 💣 BAYC Discord compromise and phishing (2022) 💣 Ronin $625 Million hack (2022) 💣 Wormhole Qbridge $324 Million hack (2022) 💣 Poly Network Access Control $610 Million hack (2021) 💣 PancakeSwap Lottery…
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Alternatives to for Out-of-band resource load

Sometimes when we are performing a pentest or bug bounties we need an external site to verify some blind injections or exfiltrate data. This is known as Out-of-Band or just OOB. Also in some of the newest vulnerabilities found, such as log4j, also needed a OOB DNS resource to validate if a machine could be…
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Learn Blockchain Security for free Android app

🏆 If you want to learn about blockchain security, give a try to Learn Blockchain Security Android app! You can learn about blockchain attacks, smart contracts vulnerabilities and general blockchain concepts. Download it here: Also check the most common vulnerabilities on Smart Contracts:

Google Play Store

How to search Android apps in other countries

Imagine that you are looking for pentest apps in the Google Play Store, that’s the URL you got: By default, Google only shows you apps that are available in your region. But it might be the case that you are interested to look for android apps in a particular region. For that, just add…
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xp_cmdshell reverse shell

🔝 How to get a xp_cmdshell reverse shell

In a pentesting engagement, if you got the credentials of the MS SQL SERVER you can easily execute any command on the database server with nmap NSE script, ms-sql-xp-cmdshell: You have to substitute the following parameters of the above command: mssql.username mssql.password ms-sql-xp-cmdshell.cmd If you want to execute a reverse shell to connect back to…
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Cybersecurity Android Apps

Android APK security analyzer

There are several security analyzers for Android apps. Mainly there are two categories, you can analyze a running app directly on the mobile phone or an emulator, this is called dynamic analysis. Or, you can retrieve the APK from the Play Store or directly from the phone and analyze it independently, this is called static…
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🔝 How to decode ASP.NET VIEWSTATE

Sometimes when doing web pentesting against an ASP web application is useful a tool like this: For that, I developed a small tool to easily decode ASP.NET __VIEWSTATE variables without having to install the viewstate module into the system with administrative privileges and be able to decode the variables with a small script using a…
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