If you are interested in getting all traffic related to an specific app and you have a rooted phone, ProxyDroid is a good option: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.proxydroid

Once installed in your phone. First thing before enabling the “Proxy Switch”, you have to point Proxydroid to the machine where you have BurpSuite running listening in the Wifi interface. In my case on port 8080:

ProxyDroid proxy parameters
Intercept https traffic from Android app

Then scroll down and select “Individual Proxy”:

ProxyDroid Individual Proxy Select

Now you can select which app you want to intercept traffic from:

Proxydroid - Select app
Proxydroid – Select app

If you want to intercept https traffic you will have to export BurpSuite certificate, download it in the phone and import it using Root Certificate Manager app. On order to break https traffic you must install Burp certificate inside the system trusted certificates, but do not worry this app will handle that for you:

Root Certificate Master - System Certificates
Root Certificate Master – Showing System Certificates

More mobile application dynamic analysis tricks in this section:

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