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MsfvenomMeterpreterPrivilege EscalationPivotingDirectory TraversalEnumeration


The most important foundation in Penetration Testing and Read Team Operations based on standards such as PTES, CEH, OSSTMM among others

● PHASE I: Reconnaissance

● PHASE II: Scanning

● PHASE III: Enumeration

● PHASE IV: Exploitation

● PHASE V: Post exploitation

● PHASE VI: Covering Tracks

● PHASE VII: Lateral Movement


Learn how to perform Web Application Penetration Testing to test websites, APIs, SQL injections, SSL/TLS attacks and OWASP TOP 10

Intro to web application testing

Types of Web Application Attacks

OWASP TOP 10 explained

Attacks on SSL/TLS protocols

Webpentest through SOCKS proxy

Tools for Web Penetration Testing


Learn how to hack mobile apps for Android and iOS and protect them against tampering

Static Analysis for Android and iOS

Dynamic Analysis for Android and iOS

Protections to mitigate attacks


Red teaming tools to test defensive systems and simulate advanced attacks

Tools and Frameworks for RED TEAMS

Tools and Frameworks for BLUE TEAMS

Tools and Frameworks for APPLICATION SECURITY


Learn Blockchain attacks and smart contracts vulnerabilities.

Blockchain Security Attacks Review

● Smart Contract Security Tools

● Blockchain Block Explorers

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